What is WWS?

WWS is an online platform that provides verified information about worldwide educational offers. It aims to help pupils, parents and teachers around the world to find an educational institution that best fits their educational needs and career goals.

Why choose WWS when you have your own website?

Besides merely increasing the visitors traffic on your own website, WWS provides additional advantages such as:
– a new channel for promoting and distributing your products;
– instant comparison between your products and the products of your competitors, this way helping your clients understand better your USP;
– boosting your brand within Google searches;
– increase your school visits and conversion rate with the help of our Virtual Sales Assistant;
– communicate more efficiently with your potential clients with the help of our support team.

What is a Virtual Sales Assistant?

A Virtual Sales Assistant is a specialized consultant which fulfills the role of the admission officer from a certain educational institution. As the term implies their main focus is informing the clients, ultimately leading towards a sale. In case a client has some queries at which the VAS cannot provide accurate answers, the client will be redirected towards your admission officer. All Premium Public Profiles include the support and commitment of a Virtual Sales Assistant.

Why should I feature my listing?

The Featured Listings program lets you promote your listing in top spots, significantly increasing your opportunities to reach highly qualified potential customers who seek the services you offer. A featured listing sticks to the top of any page regardless of where a client navigates. Only 100 listings per year can be featured, regardless of the number of users applying. One user can feature one or more listings. Once a user has booked the featured listing space, the user has the liberty to change the content of the posts at any time. The price per one listing space is 19 euros / month.

Is there a difference between a Free User and a Premium User?

Yes it is. As opposed from the Free User which is free, the Premium User involves the cost of a monthly membership. Not only that you will have a more interesting profile page with video gallery, picture gallery, technical details and social media shortcuts, real life visitors will have the possibility to leave reviews improving the ranking position of your institution. Last but not least, all Premium Users have a dedicated Virtual Sales Assistant.

How can I feature my listing?

If you already have an account simply log in and head towards the menu bar at “My Account”, click on “My Listings” button and select “Make Featured”. It`s that simple! If you don`t have an account yet, first create an account and afterwards follow the steps mentioned above. Bare in mind that the space for featured listings is limited to a number of max. 100 listings/year, regardless if they come from one user or different users. Act quick and let others know about your services!

How can I become a WWS Partner?

We’re always looking to work with partners who share our vision and can help us make it a reality – if you have a successful integration with WWS and think there’s potential to do something great together, you can apply to become a partner. The WWS Partners program is primarily designed to help our customers discover complementary integrations that add value to WWS. It’s important to us, and our customers, that we can recommend partners with confidence. The first step towards becoming a partner is to email us at info@worldwideschools.org

How can I publish an article on the blog?

In order to publish an article on the WWS Blog you must purchase a Premium User membership. As a result, every month you will have the possibility to publish an article with informations referring directly/indirectly to your institution. All WWS visitors will have access to it. It was found that by providing useful information to potential customers you may become the number one place in those reader’s minds when they actually need to make a purchase.

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